s o u n d s

Outer Song (2018)

full-length album by GADADU, released 10.26.18 on Birdwatcher Records:


Aspenepsa (2016)
alto saxophone and tape


Inland Ocean (2015)
flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano


Hirondelle (2015)
viola, vocals, synthesizer, percussion
In collaboration with choreographer Ellenore Scott


Three Winds (2015)
oboe, clarinet, French horn


Green Cocoon (2014)
voice, viola, trumpet, keyboard, bass, drums


Olfactory Bulbs (2013)
suite for viola and electronics


Strangeties (2015)
voices, viola quartet, trumpet, synthesizer, bass, drums


valentinesmix (2013)
improvisation with voice, field recordings and electronics


Phoenicia  (2012)
acousmatic work feat. field recordings and interviews collected in phoenicia, ny


Sublimation (2011)
acousmatic work feat. field recordings, viola and Arp 2600


Sonata for Viola Solo (1991-94)
by György Ligeti


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