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A unitary melodic idea weaves through shifting climates, striving not to lose its basic identity. It is pulled in conflicting directions as time unfolds. A journey through many sound-worlds leads to a climactic hyper-realization of the melody, which then disintegrates into a shadowy dream-memory.

Premiered December 7, 2015 at Brooklyn College by:

Eni Karahoda, flute
Hila Zamir, clarinet
Adam von Housen, violin
Ansel Cohen, violoncello
Laurence Cummings, piano

Many thanks to the performers!

© 2015 Hannah Selin, ASCAP


Layered viola, vocals, synthesizer and percussion reimagine the vast intercontinental migration of the graceful barn swallow and simultaneously summon the expansiveness of a solo bike expedition across the United States. I composed Hirondelle for choreographer Ellenore Scott in the fall of 2015. It was premiered by Scott’s professional semester class from the Broadway Dance Center on October 30, 2015 at Brooklyn College’s Walt Whitman Theater.

.                      . / . \ . / . \ . / . \ / . \ /. / . \ . / . \ . / . \ . / . \ . / \ . / .                       .

After many months of recording, mixing, mastering and rehearsing, my band GADADU released our debut album on February 24th, 2015. It’s available for streaming and download on our website and on Bandcamp. Thanks so much to the amazing musicians who came together to make this happen: Nicki Adams, Pat Adams, Dan Stein, and Moses Eder on the album, as well as Arthur Vint and Carrie Frey at the release show. This was my first experience mixing and mastering a full-length album, and I couldn’t have done it without the help and advice of many amazing people along the way – special thanks to Eric, Rick, Ross and Matt. Enjoy!


this is the first sketch of a series of solo improvisations that will eventually coalesce into a full-length album. come hear my upcoming solo set in philly!


A four-track album featuring Nicki Adams (keys, vocals), Hannah Selin (viola, vocals), Pat Adams (trumpet), Dan Stein (bass) and Moses Eder (drums).

Recorded live at Radio Bushwick, 5.1.14.

A limited number of CDs are available.


The Max/MSP patch for [in]Corporate is now available for free download, so you can generate unique versions of the piece in your own headphones/speakers.

Download the patch and instructions on the [in}Corporate page:


Have fun!


excited to share this stereo version of [in]Corporate, an 8-channel multimedia installation in collaboration with visual artist anne yoncha


up & out! many thanks to ANNE YONCHA for the artwork.

take a listen: gadadu.bandcamp.com



Anne Yoncha and I are building momentum toward the opening of [in]corporate, an immersive multimedia installation exploring the layering of myriad processes in the human body through a walkable forest of sound, hanging string and painted silk. The installation will be exhibited as part of the New Wilmington Art Association‘s 2014 Debut Show at Tower Hill School’s Founders’ Gallery, opening January 10th. Stay tuned for updates as the installation takes shape.

above: “grass under foot,” dye and resist on silk,  by anne yoncha (2013)

(below: baby steps!

just soldered this contact mic, which I will use to record some raw material for the installation)




many thanks to karen ritscher (viola) and shao-ting sun (engineer)

karen and i will be performing portions of OB live on december 22nd at andrea clearfield’s salon in philadelphia


video excerpts of SYLVANIA:



Please stop by to experience this 32-channel audio installation in Center City Philadelphia – it is free and open to the public! SYLVANIA will be on display at Metropolitan Gallery 250 (250 S. 18th Street) for the first two weekends in September. Opening night is 6 to 8 PM on Friday 9/6, with open hours at the gallery from 11 AM to 4 PM on Saturdays and Sundays 9/7, 9/8, 9/14 and 9/15. Come at 6 PM on opening night for a special live performance featuring myself on viola/mixer/laptop, Chris Thornton on guitar with effects, and Laura Fisher speaking/singing, followed by the official unveiling of the installation. For more information, visit the SYLVANIA page on this site.

I would like to thank Metropolitan Gallery 250 for their support and space, all of the donors who made the Kickstarter campaign a big success, and all those who continue to lend their ears, time, ideas, and technical expertise to the composition and construction of the installation.


rough recording made 7.20.13:

hannah selin – vocals & fx

nicki adams – keyboard



audio installation scheduled to go up in september 2013…

please check out the eponymous page on this site for more info.

and for a quick peek: 

hope to see you there!


Next Wednesday, March 13 in NYU’s Black Box Theater, Karen Ritscher will perform a KILLER program of works by all female living composers. I’ll be joining her in the premiere of Olfactory Bulbs, a suite for viola and electronics that I composed this winter.



Here are a few excerpts of an early performance of the first movement of Olfactory Bulbs, “snow on pines”:


feb. 14 recording of an improvisation with voice, electronics and field recordings from phoenicia, new york, shanghai, china, and oberlin, ohio

made with ❤


Constructed from a series of field recordings made in December 2011, Phoenicia explores the collision of human extremes and natural disasters in a small town in upstate New York. Much love and many thanks to all who lent their voices to the making of this piece.


Saturday, October 13th @ 4:00 PM

Playing with DANIELLE GERSHKOFF in a joint concert with the Susan Alcorn/Phillip Greenlief Duo. Gently guided cacophony, wind-up improv and spoken word. Come hear!

Highwire Gallery
2040 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA
$8 – $10 sliding scale



MESS1 is a performance (using a Max/MSP patch I built) of a pre-recorded guitar-viola improvisation. i grant half the authorship of these sounds to the patch itself. the MESS you hear has recently become a duo, the sounds of which will soon be arriving on this site. . .