All scores and parts published by Pyxidata Publishing, Brooklyn, NY.
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Voice(s) with Orchestra

Six Narratives, a song cycle based on poems by Adrienne Rich
ca. 32 minutes
Six vocalists and chamber orchestra (1d fl/afl, 1d cl/bcl, 1perc, 1hp, str 4/4/6/4/2)
Commissioned by the Brooklyn Metro Chamber Orchestra
Premiere: Brooklyn Metro Chamber Orchestra, May 18, 2019, BAM Fisher, Brooklyn, NY
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Solo (with and without electronics)

No. 1.18 (untitled) (2018)
ca. 3.5 minutes
Not Yet Premiered
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Aspenepsa (2016)
4.5 minutes
Alto saxophone and stereo playback
Performances: Erin Rogers, December 2016 at The Firehouse Space, Brooklyn, NY (premiere); March 2017 at Cornelia Street Cafe, New York, NY
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Sage (2013, rev. 2016)
ca. 10 minutes
Viola and live electronics
Performances: Karen Ritscher (viola) and Hannah Selin (electronics), Tenri Cultural Institute, NYC, September 2013; Kallie Ciechomski (viola and electronics), various performances in “Feminist Counterpoint” project, 2016-present
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Alf’s Labyrinth (2018)
ca. 7 minutes
Viola and piano with optional preparation
Commissioned by One Quiet Plunge
Premiere: One Quiet Plunge, August 2018 at Howland Cultural Center, Beacon, NY
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Inland Ocean (2015)
ca. 7 minutes
Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Violin, Cello, Piano
Performances: Eni Karahoda, flute; Hila Zamir, clarinet; Adam von Housen, violin; Ansel Cohen, cello; Laurence Cummings, piano; Studio 312, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, New York, December 2015
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Three Winds (2015)
ca. 9 minutes
Oboe, Clarinet in Bb, French Horn
Performances: Phil Rashkin, oboe; Tony Park, clarinet; Casey Cronan, French horn; Panoply Performance Lab, Brooklyn, NY, September 2015 



Bay Songs (2016)
ca. 9 minutes
Orchestra (2222, 2220, timp+1perc, hp, str)
Performances: Brooklyn College Orchestra, May 2016 at Whitman Theatre, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY


Electroacoustic / Installations

Hirondelle (2015)
4 minutes
Stereo playback
Performances: With choreographer Ellenore Scott and dancers from the Broadway Dance Center, Whitman Theatre, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY, October 2015

[in]Corporate (2014)
7 minutes
Multimedia installation with 8-channel playback
Performances: In collaboration with Anne Yoncha, visual artist, Founders’ Gallery, Wilmington, DE, Fall 2014; Audio only, Studio 312, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, New York, February 2017

Sylvania (2013)
18-channel sound installation featuring interviews with residents of South Philadelphia
Performances: Metropolitan Gallery 250, Philadelphia, PA, Fall 2013

Trainwaves (2012)
ca. 7 minutes
4-8 instruments, percussion, two laptop performers and video
Performances: Fairchild Chapel, Oberlin, OH, April 2012


Film Scores

222, directed by Delfine Paolini
ca. 11 minutes
In collaboration with composers Nicki Adams and Jake Lewis
Premiere: SoundTrack Cologne Festival 2018; Finalist, Peer Raben Music Award


For GADADU, a cross-genre songwriting project

Albums: Outer Song (2018), And I See Night (2015)

Core Instrumentation: Voice, Viola, Trumpet, Piano, Synthesizers, Bass (upright and electric), Drumset; Supplemental Instruments: String Quartet, Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Vocoder, Chorus, Percussion

Dreamhouse (2018)
ca. 6 minutes

Bay Songs (2016)
With animated video by Danna Grace Windsor
ca. 7 minutes

At Play (2016)
ca. 5 minutes

Dreams Bite (2016)
Based on the poem by Audre Lorde
5 minutes

Green Cocoon (2014)
ca. 4 minutes

Oceansmell (2013)
ca. 4 minutes

STRANGEties (2013)
ca. 5 minutes